Dragon Knight: and the Shattered Dragon Jewel 
Video game story and concept showing the main character, side character and the weapons & gear he uses 

The story

A baby dragon awakens alone in an unfamiliar world.

A baby dragon, left in the form of a boy, stripped of all magic, must explore the kingdom to rediscover 
his forgotten past, and later learns that to recover all of his memories he must save his species
from the corruption-  a curse that has turned all the ancient dragons of the land to slaves of
the evil king.

Given the name Dragon Knight by his ally, Burch, a Blacksmith who aids him in his journey.
Dragon knight must fight the king’s army and corrupt dragon slaves  to find the shards
of the ancient magic jewel that held the magic the dragons relied on for their power.
The jewel is the only thing that can save the dragons and the people from the king’s evil deeds.

On his quest, Dragon Knight must explore the kingdom to find his lost memories
which are found in places from his forgotten life. Key places in his past hold the essence
of his memories which enables him to understand more about the world around him.

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